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Meal replacement shake

Want to replace a meal in a healthy and responsible way? Go for Jake’s meal replacement shakes! All the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need in one meal shake. Eating healthy has never been easier!

Jake shakes best as meal replacements

Want to replace a meal in a healthy and responsible way? Go for Jake’s meal replacement shakes! All the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need in one meal shake. Eating healthy has never been easier!

Can you replace all meals with shakes?

Of course you can decide how many and which meals you replace with a nutrition shake. There are people who replace all meals, that is possible. And Jake is suitable for that. If you replace three meals with a Jake, you get the prescribed daily amounts of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and calories.

Either way, you can also choose to replace just one or two meals per day with a drinking meal. For example, only your breakfast or your lunch and breakfast. Jake is not a diet or dietary plan. Jake is complete food. A healthy meal replacement. Therefore there are no rules attached to it. Replace a meal with a Jake Shake whenever and wherever you want.

Healthy shakes as meal replacement

Jake Shakes are healthy meal replacements that contain all the nutrients you need. Each serving contains exactly one complete healthy meal. This way you can responsibly replace one or more meals a day with a nourishing drink.

All ingredients in Jake Shakes are carefully selected and contribute to a healthy nutritional profile. Only vegetable ingredients have been used. The protein sources oats and peas ensure that the meal shakes have a complete protein profile. Oats are also a good source of complex carbohydrates and fibres.

The fats in Jake consist of oil from sunflower seed, linseed and coconuts. This makes your meal rich in essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. So in short, Jake shakes are completely vegan and besides all the good, it contains nothing of the bad.

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If you want to feel the fittest you can be and maintain a healthy weight while you’re at it, go for Jake Original.

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Jakefood starterbox

You haven’t had a meal shake before?

No experience with replacing meals with meal replacement products yet? Then start with a Jake Starter Box. You’ll then receive all the flavours of the Jake meal shakes and meal bars, so you can discover what your favourite is. You’ll also receive a shake cup and a handy information booklet, in which you’ll find all the information you need about Jake’s products, preparations and nutrients.

Jake as a breakfast shake

The most skipped meal during the day is breakfast. That’s a shame, because a good breakfast will kickstart your day! Jake’s meal replacement shakes are ideal to drink as breakfast shakes. You simply prepare the shake and in no time you’ll have a nutritious and healthy breakfast. Each sachet contains one serving. Each serving contains exactly one complete meal with everything you need in it. Shake the contents of a sachet with 400 ml. water in a shaker and your breakfast shake is ready. You simply take the drinking breakfast with you and drink it easily on the road or in your car. This way you save a lot of time and still get all the nutrients you need for a good start of your day!

Prefer a lighter breakfast? Try Jake’s Light Shakes!

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Free shaker with your first order

All new customers will receive a free shaker with their first order! This way you can easily prepare your nutrition shakes.