About Jakefood

We are Jake, a young company aiming to make the world a healthier place. From that point of view, we want to make easy and healthy food accessible to everyone with minimal impact on the environment. An easy and healthy life starts with Jake.

The best way to help people change their bad habits is by offering a better option. That would be complete food that is vegan, plant based and easy to make. These features could mean a world of difference.

Complete food

Let’s start off with our theory: In an ideal world we’d all have time to select, buy, prep, and cook our meals with whole foods, and have the knowledge to ensure we’re getting the complete nutrition we need. But unfortunately this is not always possible, when we’re in a hurry we often reach for unhealthy junk food. Think of a bag of chips, a chocolate bar or a cheeseburger. This food is optimized for taste over nutrition, which is the essential value of food.

Jake is nutritionally complete. The peas and oats in Jake form a perfect vegetable protein profile. But to ensure that Jake contains everything you need, we’ve added fats, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals from our Dutch suppliers according to the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority. The other part of our theory is the ease: a Jake meal takes a mere 0 to 1 minute to prepare, depending on which meal you go for. Without having to do groceries, cooking or preparations of any sorts. Jake’s convenience makes life better.

How Jake was created

Jake was founded in 2015 by a team of founders, where CEO Eelco Bakker was part of. During their search for healthy and easy food, they were greatly triggered by the developments of sustainable and vegan convenience-food. The developments in this category became big in Silicon Valley at the time. But in Europe, this was out of reach for consumers.

With the shake we introduced our first complete meal in the beginning of 2015.

Since then we’ve been working on further developments. Ingredients have been replaced, flavours changed, new products were added and the meals just got easier. In the future, we want Jake to be in everyone’s pantry for those unexpected moments when you don’t have a healthy and quick meal within reach. In the meantime, we are working hard on new products, flavours and further personalisation.

Our mission is

To make easy and healthy food accessible to everyone, with minimal impact on the environment.

Our vision?

Offering a better alternative to bad foods is the best way to help people change existing habits. Jake offers complete, vegan food that is easy to make. We believe those features could mean a world of difference in the future of foods.

The benefits of Jake

100% Vegan

Our mission is to save the world together with you. We do so by reducing waste, CO2 output and water usage.

100% Convenience

Snoozed too long? Stuck in traffic? Eat your Jake everywhere you go. Your meal ready in just a minute.

100% Recyclable

All of our products, including our shipping containers, are completely recyclable.

100% Complete nutrition shakes

All of our products are carefully put together, giving your body a nutritionally complete shake.


About 85% of the people that are using Jake, are using the shakes either as a breakfast or as lunch. The pouch fits into the shaker, making it easy to bring with you anywhere you like.

Here’s how you prepare a shake:

  1. Add the water to the shaker. We’ll send you a free shaker with your first order.
  2. Add 1 pouch of Jake. Every pouch contains exactly one meal.
  3. Shake for 5 seconds, ready.
Jakefood vitaminbar


The vitaminbar stays fresh for about 6-10 months. Bring the bar with you anywhere you like. We’ve also asked when people use the vitaminbar and it seems that we like a good snack around 4PM. Secondly, the bar is used as a light breakfast.

The Jake team

As featured in…

Over the years Jake has appeared in the media in various ways, check out some the companies we’ve worked with below.

For more press information, visit our Press Page.

Better for you and the world

We don’t joke around when it comes to the impact on the environment, of both businesses and consumers.

How Jake makes the difference

As you may know, our packaging is 100% recyclable. We make a difference to the world and the circular economy with our new one-sided packaging. But to make sure our packaging will be recycled, we need your help.

How can you recycle Jake?

Please make sure to dispose of your Jake packaging in a waste bin dedicated to plastics and recycling. Only then you know for sure your waste will be recycled. We love recycling because it produces less greenhouse gases than incinerating waste. In addition, it saves oil when it comes to plastics.

Some statistics

  • Customers rate us a 4.8/5 on average
  • The amount of countries we ship to is 70+
  • The amount of customers we serve is 50.000+
  • The amount of total meals sold is 5+ mln.
  • With Jake you save 17.5 kg of plastic per year
    It takes 2.5 years to fill one 40 litre trash can eating nothing but Jake
  • With Jake you only use 6.5 kg of plastics per year compared to the 24 kg average when preparing regular meals

Why do we like recycling?

Reduces greenhouse gases

Eases demand of fossil fuels

Requires less energy