A tomato isn’t healthy because of its red colour, round exterior or sweet taste. It’s healthy because it provides us with the nutrients we need. Jake is created based on the understanding that we don’t need tomatoes, potatoes, pizzas or any other specific type of food. What we need are the right nutrients that are in these foods, in the right amounts we need them in. Or better to say, complete food.
The concept of complete food isn’t new. It has been around for decades, reserved to places where more care for nutrition is needed. A good example is infant formula, which is nothing less than complete food for babies. Other examples are complete foods used for medical purposes, and – yes, ok – space food. Only since a couple of years complete foods have started to become a thing for everyone.
Vegan meal shake
In 2015 we introduced our first complete food, the shake. Since then we’ve been working on further development. Ingredients have been replaced and flavours have been improved. The Vitaminbars were added and meals have gotten easier. And we keep on creating and testing new products, so you can stay healthy.
With Jake we’ve created food based on its nutritional profile, which allowed us to form the right balance between every nutrient we need. You will notice it when you use our products. When you eat the right ratio of carbs, proteins and fats, it will result in a steady flow of energy throughout the day.

Our mission.

We believe that we, as the world, can do better. We need to work towards a healthier world, with healthier people. That’s why our mission is to make eating healthy easy. We hear you think, how does that help? We believe that the best way to help people change their bad habits, is by offering a better option. And, that would be complete food that is vegan, plant based and easy to make. These features could mean a world of difference.

The Benefits.

Easy & Quick

Pour 400ml water into the shaker, add one pouch of Jake, shake for about 5 sec. Cheers!

100% Vegan

100% VEGAN
All the ingredients of Jake are plant-based, no animal derived products are used.

Complete Food
All the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals in one meal.
Free Shipping
Shipping is free, always.

Team Jake.



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