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Based in: Groningen, The Netherlands
Employees: 12
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Our story

Jake is complete food. Complete food provides every nutrient your body needs. In 2015 we introduced our first complete food, the shake. Since then we’ve been working on further development. Ingredients have been replaced and flavours have been improved. The Vitaminbars and later the limited edition shakes, soup, keto shake and ready to drink were added, and meals have gotten easier. We keep on creating and testing new products, so you can stay healthy.

All the ingredients in Jake are carefully selected to contribute to the nutritional profile of our products. That means Jake gets you all of the good, and none of the bad. Jake is lactose-free, animal-free and vegan. The 26 vitamins and minerals are according to the recommendations by the European Food Safety Authority.

What others say about Jake


This is the trick for whom forgets to eat breakfast


Because you (almost) can’t start your day worse than without a good breakfast.


This is how easy a protein-rich meal can be


Excuses will always exist, solutions too. Complete food is here and it might be the food of the future.


Can you get used to it? A diet of water and powder?


One pouch of powder and water, three times a day. It’s hard to imagine, but this is all your body needs.

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The Ready to Drink is here


You asked and we heard you! Our new Ready to Drink in Vanilla flavour is now available. Even more convenient and less time consuming.

New in town: the Keto Shake


NEW! A low-carb shake made for the Keto lifestyle. A high quality MCT-fat source in Chocolate Coconut flavour.

Jake in a brand new style


New packaging design, new shipping containers, new website. Don’t worry: we only changed the outside.

Become a Jake Ambassador!


We’re working on creating a community of Jake lovers. And we want you to join!

The Vanilla bar is in stock!


Similar to the other Vitaminbars, this bar keeps you full for quite some time.

The Tomato Soup is here


The moment we’ve all been waiting for: the Jake Tomato Soup is in stock!

The Coconut Shake is making its return!


We wanted to give you some good news to keep you in the summer vibes: the Coconut Shake is coming back! 

New arrival: The Jake T-Shirt is now available


This comfy t-shirt is perfect for every occasion. Wear it to your work, to the gym or just when you don’t know what to wear.

The Vitaminbar Vanilla is coming soon


SURPRISE! The one that (almost) got away.. You asked, and we listened; The Vanilla Vitaminbar is finally on it’s way!

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