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Do you have an active lifestyle and would you like to replace a meal with a meal shake rich in protein? With Jake’s Sports Shake you get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need. The shake is rich in protein and suitable to replace a solid meal.

Replace a solid meal with a meal shake rich in protein.

Imagine you come home after a long day and you’ve done a lot of sports. Or you’re on your way early in the morning and don’t have time for breakfast. At times like these, eating a healthy and full meal can be a challenge. The result is often that you start sewing. And then no carrots and tomatoes.

Jake’s Sports Shake ensures that you can replace a solid meal in a healthy way. Even in an active and sporty lifestyle. And whether you do it for breakfast, lunch or dinner? It doesn’t matter! All the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need per meal are in the shake. Always eat a solid meal, high in protein, even if you have less time.

Replace meals with diet shakes to lose weight.

The average energy requirement of a human being is around 2000 kcal during a day. Are you sporty and do you have an active lifestyle? Then your energy needs are higher. Logical of course, you move more and therefore need more energy. In order to meet that energy need it is necessary to make sure you eat enough. Skipping a meal or eating something quickly so that you are full is not desirable. You don’t get enough energy, so you start to intent on your own reserves. Result? You lose weight and muscle mass. And of course, that is not what you want.

The Sports Shake is made in such a way that even people with a higher energy requirement can easily replace a meal. And that without them having to worry that they won’t get enough calories and protein. Each shake equals one solid meal of around 750 kcal. In addition, they contain 25% of your daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals. If you replace four meals a day with Jake’s Sports Shakes, you’ll get a total of 3000 kcal and all the vitamins and minerals you need. So in short with Jake you can prepare a nutritious and solid meal in a few seconds, replace meals and still stay on weight.

Nutrients and protein powder carefully selected.

Jake selects the ingredients for the Sports Shakes very critically, so you only get useful nutrients. A Sports Shake is composed of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibres, vitamins and minerals. The protein powder is completely vegetable, obtained from oats and peas. The oats also contain complex carbohydrates and are an important source of fibre. The fats are completely vegetable too, obtained from flaxseed oil, sunflower seed oil and coconut oil. The shakes are rich in the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6.

One protein-rich Sports Shake contains approximately 750 kcal. This is one solid and nutritious meal. The shake consists of 45% complex carbohydrates obtained from oats. About 34% of the nutrients consist of fats. The vegan protein powder forms 21% of the shake. Because the proteins are obtained from different vegetable sources, Jake ensures a complete protein profile in your daily diet. In addition to these nutrients, this shake rich in proteins contains a quarter, 25% of your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. If you replace four meals a day with Jake Sports, you will get the total amount of vitamins and minerals you need.

Can’t get enough energy from the Sports Shakes during a day? Then try Jake’s Vitaminbar meal replacement bars as a solid and responsible snack.

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Haven’t you replaced a meal before? Or have you never had a protein-rich Jake shake before? Then the Jake Starterbox is your way to start! We will send you the Sports Shakes and Vitamin Bars in all flavours. Then you can easily try the flavours and compare them with each other. You will also receive a shake cup and information booklet, so you can get to know Jake well.

A quick and easy meal to prepare.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. In an active lifestyle you are often busy and there is no time in abundance. Every minute you can save is one! And with Jake Sports Shakes you save a lot them. The shake is easy to prepare with a shake cup and water. Put the contents of a sachet in the shaker, add water, shake and your protein-rich meal is ready to eat.

And besides a quick preparation, the Sports Shake is also easy to eat. Whether you need to eat quickly between work and sports or whether you’re on the road in the car. Because it’s a drinkable shake, you can eat it almost anywhere. Eating a solid protein-rich meal has never been so easy and fast!

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