The Keto Diet, also known as the ketogenic diet, has gained immense popularity in recent years. This extreme form of a low-carb diet, where carbohydrates are nearly eliminated, originated in America and is now making its way into the Netherlands.

What can you eat on a Keto Diet?

When following a Keto Diet, your main focus is on consuming foods high in fat. You still have quite a variety of choices. Foods that you would typically avoid when trying to lose weight, such as sausages, bacon, cream, and mayonnaise, are actually allowed on a Keto Diet. However, don’t get too excited: the majority of your intake will consist of healthy, unsaturated fats, and you won’t have unlimited access to fast food. These healthy fats can be obtained from sources like olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish. In addition to these fatty products, you also consume green leafy vegetables and a moderate amount of protein-rich foods like cottage cheese, chicken fillets, and, of course, eggs.

Quick sugars, like pastries and cookies, are obviously forbidden in this diet. But many staple foods in the Western world, such as bread, rice, potatoes, and high-carb vegetables and fruits like bananas and beans, are also off-limits in the Keto Diet.

The goal of the Keto Diet

The ultimate goal of the Keto Diet is to enter a state of “ketosis.” This usually takes a few days to achieve. If you want to speed up the process, you can start with a fasting period where you consume no food at all. When your body is in ketosis, it means that it’s using ketones derived from your body fat as an energy source. Normally, your body relies on the carbohydrates you consume daily for energy. These carbohydrates are converted into glucose, which is then transported through your blood to your cells to be used as fuel.

It might sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Your body depletes its glucose stores first because it’s accustomed to doing so, and then it’s forced to find an alternative energy source. This new source is ketones, indicating that ketosis has been achieved. Since the Keto Diet also involves calorie restriction, it’s especially suitable for people who want to lose weight. Furthermore, due to its relatively high protein content, it’s even possible to build muscle on the Keto Diet. It’s a healthy option for athletes as well.

The drawbacks and risks of the Keto Diet

During the initial days of the Keto Diet, you may experience symptoms of “keto flu,” such as headaches and fatigue, as your body goes through sugar withdrawal. These symptoms might make you feel like the new diet is not good for you, but the opposite is true. After this challenging period, you’ll start to feel more energetic and healthier, and you’ll likely lose excess weight, both in terms of water and fat.

There aren’t many negative effects associated with the Keto Diet. However, as with many diets that lack a varied food pattern, there are some potential long-term risks. The main problem that arises with the Keto Diet is the risk of dehydration. It’s crucial to drink plenty of water. Additionally, due to the lack of fiber, constipation can easily occur, and there is often a deficiency in magnesium. Therefore, it’s advisable to complement a regular Keto Diet with some supplements.

Jake’s Keto Shakes

The Keto Diet primarily relies on consuming high amounts of fats. These fats are mainly found in animal products such as meat and fish, and even in the production of other items like mayonnaise or cottage cheese. This contradicts the principles that Jake stands for: vegan nutrition. So, what about this?

The fats in our keto shakes come from MCT powder. Of course, the palm oil-free variety, because it is again linked to widespread deforestation in the world.

MCT powder has many healthy benefits. It stimulates the production of ketones and is also rich in fiber which can prevent gastrointestinal problems and promotes bowel movement. In addition, it gives instant energy and affects concentration and memory in a positive way. MCT powder is made from coconuts and is one of the purest forms of fat. Keto and completely animal free.

As indicated above, there is a chance that you may become deficient in magnesium. That is why we have added a vitamin & mineral mix to the ketoshake, just like to all our other shakes. This also contains magnesium, so taking extra supplements is (probably) not necessary.

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