Jake is food that provides all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Jake meal replacement shakes are created based on the idea that our bodies don’t need tomatoes, potatoes, pizzas or any other type of traditional food. The idea that we only need the right elements found in food: the nutrients.

It might sound a bit strange at first to not have to eat any fruits or veggies to be healthy. But eventually it is just as logical as it is simple: Our body requires very specific fuel to function optimally. By eating the same old foods that our hunting and gathering ancestors used to eat, we ignore everything that science has discovered about good nutrition. We should use that knowledge to our advantage. We’ve taken the scientific approach to food to create something better.Read more about what makes Jake healthy here.

Here are the top 5 benefits to Jake:

#1. It’s nutritionally complete

We are told all the time how important it is to eat healthy and about all the good stuff vitamins and minerals do for us. But it’s a different experience to feel how it is to actually eat everything your body needs: It feels good. You’ll start comparing everything that’s not complete to the experience of having Jake.

After the very first meal, you notice the constant flow of energy that you get from eating a correct ratio of carbs, protein, and fats. No energy swings. In the course of the first weeks, replacing one or two meals a day, Jake makes you feel more energized and you’ll start to notice the subtle effects of a truly balanced diet. Your skin becomes more radiant, your body becomes leaner and your senses sharpen.

When your body is reaping the benefits of good nutrition and you start feeling better and more energetic physically, it can have a great effect mentally as well. Feeling good physically makes you feel better, which can boost your confidence and make you mentally more energized. Being and feeling healthy can do a lot. Mens sana in corpore sano – we’ve been aware of this for some time now.

#2. It saves time and effort

It takes a lot of knowledge about food to keep a healthy balanced diet. First, you’d need to teach yourself everything about the essential vitamins and minerals, ratios of omega 3’s and 6’s, protein profiles and a lot more. After you have done that, you’ll still need to figure out which foods you need to combine to manage that perfect diet. It’s practically impossible. Most of us that really do try to eat healthy, eventually stick to the same couple of meals over and over, lacking in diversity. Balancing your food properly takes just too much effort, so we tend to stop caring and just eat what kind-of-feels-right. Jake makes it much easier to eat balanced.

And then there’s the time involved in shopping, preparing and cleaning up after your normal meal. Now, preparing food can actually be very enjoyable sometimes, but, sometimes. We don’t always feel like or have the time to prepare three or four healthy meals a day. You might skip your breakfast in the morning or reach out to unhealthy snacks to keep away the hunger during the day. Cooking should be an option for when you feel like doing it, not an obligation.

Jake is prepared within minutes anywhere you want. Whether you are traveling, out for a day trip or you simply don’t feel like going through the hassle involved with your everyday food: you can simply bring a meal of Jake. All you need for a shake is fresh water and a shaker, the bar is ready to go. And whenever you do have the time to prepare a nice traditional meal you can always do so. You might enjoy a good cooking session even better if you are free to choose to do so yourself.

#3. It’s affordable

Nutritional food is generally a lot more expensive than its unhealthy alternatives. To illustrate: An average person needs around 2000 kcal per day; 100 kcal of tomato costs approximately €1,20 while 100 kcal of potato fries cost around €0,04. No wonder that 40-50% of us are overweight and around 20% of the people suffer from obesity.

Although eating healthy is undeniably important, it takes more time, more effort and is more expensive than eating unhealthy food. Traditional food nowadays can hardly compete with the unhealthy alternatives. Fastfood is fast, cheap and often very much adapted to stimulate our senses (it’s yummy). If we want people to be healthier, we’ll have to create something that has all (or at least most) of these benefits, while being healthy.

Compared to any traditional food, Jake is by far the cheapest option in terms of nutrition per Euro: Jake Original costs between €0,48 and €0,41 per 100 kcal. Compare that to the tomato that goes for €1,20 per 100 g (which by the way consists of 94% water). Even in direct comparison with the average spending on food Jake is very affordable. The average European person spends between €200 and €300 per month on food. A full month of Jake Original costs €223,88.

#4. It’s good for our planet

Jake is easy and environmentally friendly to produce. Jake contains no pesticides, no hormones, no preservatives and no genetically modified organisms. Jake is produced without any parts of animals and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients either. Jake is vegan!

Storing Jake doesn’t require refrigeration and preparing it doesn’t require a heat source. It has a shelf life of 1 year and will not expire for quite a while longer. Jake is easy to transport and Jake reduces personal waste significantly: if you would only eat Jake, you’ll have to take out the garbage from your kitchen bin about once a year. Imagine that.

#5. Freedom

Jake is not a medical product, there are no medical claims, it is not a diet with specific requirements and schedules. Jake is food. Simple, transparent and nutritious food. Although you could, you are not required to eat Jake exclusively at all. Jake just makes it easy and affordable to manage a healthy diet.

You can still enjoy cooking a nice meal or going out for dinner with friends anytime you like. In fact, you might even enjoy it better if you can freely choose to. Or you can spend your new found time and energy doing something that you really like doing. Freedom!

In the end, there is no better way to know than to just try it out yourself.

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