Our story

Jake was founded in the Netherlands in the summer of 2014. Only a year since Jake has been founded, Jake is selling its products in over 32 countries around the world today. We are proud of that.

Our team has only one goal. We want to make it easy to eat healthy and sustainable. We have one body and one planet, so let’s keep them healthy.

Our shakes mark the start of a new era. An era in which food is made from the ground up to be healthy and sustainable. An era in which our foods will be created with nutritional value in mind and start containing more nutrients again instead of less.

Jake is here to make a positive impact. And we will keep doing so for many years to come.

Our vision

Our vision is a healthy world full of healthy people. Food is a key aspect of both. Our body is made from the food that we eat and the food that we eat is made from the planet that we live on.

Food has an enormous impact on the world. The meat industry is accountable for a third of all CO2-emission, 34% of the earth’s land has turned to desert and over 110 species are lost every day because rain forest has to make room for agriculture.

We can do better than this. We need to start eating healthier and sustainable. It sounds easy and it should be easy. That is why we made it our goal to make it easy.

So what is Jake?

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