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We are excited to have you join our Jake Ambassador team! This platform gives you the chance to become a Jake ambassador. As an ambassador you’re going to complete activities in exchange for rewards.

Step 1.
Apply & connect

Sign up for the ambassador program & connect your social media accounts.

Step 2.
Submit & engage

Submit your own content, engage with our socials and earn points.

Step 3.
Get rewarded

All those points you’ve earned in step two, exchange them for rewards!

What is a Jake ambassador?

This is a platform for every Jake enthusiast that loves a quick, healthy and vegan meal from Jake. Anyone can become a Jake ambassador, wherever & whoever you are. We only have one condition: you love Jake!

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You will earn tons of benefits when you become a Jake ambassador. Think of rewards, exclusive insights and early access to new products!

  • Rewards
  • Discount codes
  • Community channels
  • Exclusive insights
  • Products
  • Early Access


How does it work?

On this platform, you can complete activities and earn points while doing so. Activities can vary from liking or commenting to our latest social media post to submitting photos/videos of your favourite Jake moment!

Join team Jake!

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