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Best known for:Providing energy for your body; helps to keep you heart healthy.

Good sources: For ALA: flaxseed, canola and other plant oils. For EPA, DHA and DPA: fatty fish and meat from grass-fed animals.

Adequate intake (AI): For ALA: 0.5% of total energy intake. For EPA and DHA – 250 mg/day. No recommended intake for DPA. There is also no tolerable upper intake level (UL) established for omega-3s.

Omega-3s in Jake:
Jake Light: 1.1g/meal
Jake Original: 1.6g/meal
Jake Sports: 1.3-1.6g/meal
Omega-6: omega-3 ratio in Jake is 5:1

Omega-3 in food

The essential ALA is most abundant in plant oils, such as flaxseed, soybean and canola oil. Other good sources of ALA are chia seeds and walnuts. You could also get some ALA in your diet from meat, provided that the animals were grass-fed.

EPA and DHA are exclusively found in fish. Usually, the fattier the fish, the higher its omega-3 content. However, how much EPA and DHA fish contains can vary based on the farming method. Fish don’t synthesise omega-3s themselves. They obtain them from plankton or algae which they eat in their natural habitats. Therefore, unless it’s fed with algae, farmed fish will contain significantly less EPA and DHA than the same fish in the wild.

Similar to EPA and DHA, DPA is mostly present in seafood, but you can also come across it in poultry, meat and dairy products.

Some of the best sources of omega-3s are:

Food Grammes of ALA (per serving) Grammes of EPA (per serving) Grammes of DHA (per serving) Grammes of DPA (per serving)
Flaxseed oil (14g) 7.26
Chia seeds (28g) 5.06
Salmon, wild, cooked (85g) 0.35 1.22 0.31
Herring, cooked (85g) 0.77 0.94 0.06
Oysters, wild, cooked (115g) 0.14 0.3 0.23

The richest sources of DPA are beef and lamb livers from New Zealand and Australia, which contain about 140mg DPA per 100g meat. This generous DPA content is mostly due to the predominantly grass-grazing production systems in New Zealand and Australia.

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