If you have a very active lifestyle, it’s your top priority to eat well.

If you need more than 3000 calories per day, it can be quite challenging to maintain a healthy diet. Jake Sports makes it so easy that it feels like you’re cheating, in a good way.

A meal of Jake Sports contains 750 calories and 25% of all recommended vitamins and minerals. One bag of Jake contains one complete meal. Add Jake to your cart by clicking the order button of your desired amount.

icon twenty100% VITAMINS & MINERALS

icon energy3000 KCAL PER 4 MEALS

icon fibersHigh in omega 3 & 6


icon fibersVegan

icon nosoyicon lactosesoy & lactose free


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Frequently asked questions

Jake Sports is not just a sports shake, it is a complete meal containing every nutrient you need. The meal is made to fit the needs of the most active.

No. It is not a program or diet. You can eat Jake whenever and wherever you want to. You make the rules.

Yes. The shakes are very filling. Lack of nutrients causes an increased appetite. Jake Sports contains all the nutrients you need, including a lot of fibers to keep you full for hours.

Jake’s taste is best described as a soft natural oaty vanilla milkshake. The first try is a bit strange, the second try is yum.

One meal of Jake Sports gives you 750 calories and 25% of every vitamin and mineral. You can find the complete Jake Sports nutrition sheet here. To compare the three versions, click here.

The protein profile of Jake Sports is carefully chosen to provide what you need. Pea protein isolate is a high-quality source of protein. The oats come provide the missing amino acids Methionine and Cysteine to complete the amino acid profile. You can find the Amino Acid Profile of Jake Sports here.

We make sure to include a free shaker with your first order. You can add additional shakers in the cart.


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