Jake compared to Jimmy Joy


What is Jake?

Jake is complete food. Complete food provides every nutrient your body needs. In 2015 we introduced our first complete food, the shake. Since then we’ve been working on further development. Ingredients have been replaced and flavours have been improved. The Vitaminbars and later the limited edition shakes were added, and meals have gotten easier. And we keep on creating and testing new products, so you can stay healthy.

All the ingredients in Jake are carefully selected to contribute to the nutritional profile of the meal replacement shakes & the meal replacement bars. That means Jake gets you all of the good, and none of the bad. Jake is lactose-free, animal-free and vegan. The 26 vitamins and minerals are according to the recommendations by the European Food Safety Authority.

What is Jimmy Joy?

Jimmy Joy, like us, is complete food. Founded by Joey van Koningsbruggen in The Netherlands in the year 2014, they started creating complete meals. Now they have three types of products: Shakes, Bars and Drinks. They use a blend of oats, soy, golden flaxseed, sunflower and a mix of vitamins and minerals.

Differences between Jake and Jimmy Joy

In order to compare Jake to Jimmy Joy there was looked at the ingredients, nutrients and other aspects of the products from both companies. To make a fair comparison the comparison is based on a 2000 kcal measure. No judgements are made about difficult to measure product characteristics such as taste and odor, since preference for these characteristics differs per person.

The Jake shake original vs Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake v2.1


Per 2000kcal Jake Shake Original (oaty vanilla) Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake v2.1
Price (per 400kcal meal) €1,92 € 1,40
Protein (grams) 130,4 100,0
Fat (grams) 60,8 70,0
Fibre (grams) 42,6 40,0
Packaging Single packed meals Packed per 5 meals
Delivery Free, always Free for orders over €50

Compared on: 17-06-2020



  • Both Jake and Jimmy Joy only use plant-based products for their shakes.
  • The Jake shakes are single packed meals. 1 pouch of Jake contains 1 meal. No scooping or weighing.
  • The shakes of Jimmy Joy contain soy, the shakes of Jake don’t.

The Jake Vitaminbar vs Jimmy Joy Plenny Bar v2.0


Per 2000kcal Jake Vitaminbar Jimmy Joy Plenny Bar v2.0
Price (per 400kcal meal) €2,67 € 2,50
Protein (grams) 124,9 100
Fat (grams) 73,0 80
Fibre (grams) 48,3 40
Packaging Box of 20 bars Box of 12 bars
Delivery Free, always Free for orders over €50

Compared on: 17-06-2020



  • The Jake Vitaminbar and the Jimmy Joy Plenny Bar v2.0 are both vegan. The Jimmy Joy Twenny bar is not vegan.


Both Jake & Jimmy Joy have vegan products and offer you several products that will make life easier and healthier for you. Although there are some differences in the pricing and amounts of nutrients used by Jake & Jimmy Joy, we would recommend trying both Jake and Jimmy Joy and we’ll let you be the judge.

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