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Eating healthy isn’t about having fancy colours on your plate. Eating healthy is about getting yourself the nutrients that your body needs.

Jake is complete food. Complete food provides every nutrient your body needs.


The shake

Available in Oaty Vanilla, Forest Fruit & Banana

The bar

Available in Forest Fruit, Banana & Coffee Cacao

The starter box

The easiest way to get started with Jake


4.8/5 star rating


Millions of meals delivered worldwide.

In 2015 we introduced our first complete food, the shake. Since then we’ve sold millions of meals worldwide and 25.000+ Jake fans created an account and enjoy our food everyday!

Shake & Bar

What is Jake?

Jake contains every nutrient that your body needs. That is exceptional. Eating normal food is a complete guessing game on which nutrients you’re eating and in what amounts. 

Every nutrient in Jake is in there for a reason. The nutritional profile of Jake is based on the official recommended daily allowances as provided by the European Food Safety Authority and formulated by our dedicated nutritional team. 

Jake is not just a complete food, we only use plant-based products. This makes all our products 100% vegan. Learn more about vegan food.

A healthier world, with healthier people

We believe that we, as the world, can do better. We need to work towards a healthier world, with healthier people. That’s why our mission is to make eating healthy easy.

We hear you think, how does that help? We believe that the best way to help people change their bad habits, is by offering a better option. And, that would be complete food that is vegan, plant based and easy to make. These features could mean a world of difference.

The benefits of Jake

Easy & Quick

Easy & Quick
Pour 400ml water into the shaker, add one pouch of Jake, shake for about 5 sec. Cheers!

100% Vegan

100% Vegan
All the ingredients of Jake are plant-based, no animal derived products are used.

Complete Food

Complete Food
All the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals in one meal.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping
Shipping is free, always.