Jake Bulk

Jake Bulk is everything you know from Jake, but just a tad bigger. About 15 times bigger to be precise…. 

What is Jake Bulk?

With this unique tomato soup you’ve got yourself a hot meal, ready to eat within minutes. The soup contains everything you need and 20% of all vitamins & minerals you need. 

When do you use the shake?

About 85% of the people that use Jake use the shakes either as a breakfast or as lunch. The pouch fits into the shaker, making it easy to bring with you anywhere. Use the shake whenever it suits you best.

How to prepare the shake

There are no rules to follow. Use it the way that suits you best. Here’s how you prepare a shake:

1. Add 400ml of water. We’ll send you a free shaker with your first order.
2. Add 1 pouch of Jake. Every pouch contains exactly one meal.
3. Shake for 5 seconds. Ready.

Everything you need in one soup.

Instant hot meal

All you need in one packaging.

Created to make your life easier and healthier. The Jake Soup is a meal that contains every nutrient your body needs. One soup provides you with 20% of all vitamins & minerals you need. 

It’s a tomato soup with luscious tomato bits and tasty spices like onion, garlic, oregano and a touch of basil. The ingredients in the soup provide all the nutrients and come from various vegetable sources. Resulting in a 100% vegan soup which is also soy free. 

No more spending hours in the kitchen to create the perfect soup. Just add hot water and you’re good to go. 

The texture is nothing like your instant 4pm soup. It feels smooth and pleasant, like a regular soup. The combination of delicious juicy tomatoes and the herbal flavour, makes this soup a treat to eat.

This soup will keep you going for about 3 to 4 hours. Feel free to use it whenever you feel like it.

All the ingredients in the soup are picked to contribute to the nutritional profile of the soup. That means Jake gets you all of the good, and none of the bad.

Frequently asked questions

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