What is Jake?

Jake is a new type of food. Jake is a meal that contains every nutrient that your body needs. One meal contains 33% of all your healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibres (25% for Jake Sports).

Jake is made from real food. The powder contains a carefully chosen mix of ingredients including oats, peas, coconut oil and a vitamin and mineral blend to provide you with every nutrient you need.

Convenient for whenever you feel like eating something healthy, but for whatever reason don’t have or don’t feel like taking the time to prepare something in the kitchen. Perfect for travelling, busy days and hasty mornings.

How does it work?

Jake is ready within a minute. The shakes come in single meal packages. All you have to do is to add 450 ml of water to the powder and shake for about 5 seconds. We provide you with a free shaker to get you started.

We eat for many different reasons. Jake is for those moments when you want something healthy and easy.

We’re often asked how Jake should be used. How many times per day, whether you can still eat other foods, if it’s a diet? The answer is simple: Jake is not a diet or a meal replacement: Jake is food. Use it in any way you like, you make the rules.

What is it like?

If you’re already eating healthy, you know how it feels. You feel fitter, stronger and healthier after a proper meal. If you have an unhealthy diet, Jake will make a huge difference.

Ever noticed how you crave even more food and feel sluggish soon after a meal? That’s caused by an excess of carbs. Jake contains the right balance of carbs, protein, fats and fibers. You notice it after your very first meal, your energy remains completely steady for hours.

When your body gets the benefits of complete nutrition, you’ll start feeling better physically, which can have a big effect mentally as well. Being healthy and feeling healthy does a lot, so start taking good care of yourself.

Curious to try it out?

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