Shakes as a method to lose weight

Using shakes is one of the easiest and most popular ways to lose weight. It is quick to prepare, relatively inexpensive and it often has a nice taste that will make you keep drinking it longer. You lose weight with shakes as soon as you create a calorie deficit, this has been scientifically proven. A calorie deficit simply means that you burn more energy (calories) than you take in on that day (Mooren, V. (2023). Your body then taps into the fat reserves in your body to get energy and this causes you to lose weight. Shakes can be very effective in losing weight if used properly.


What makes a shake a suitable weight loss shake?

You can easily confuse a weight loss shake with a protein shake. A protein shake is intended more as a supplement for athletes to stimulate muscle growth and usually contains little or no vitamins and minerals. Also, the percentage of protein is often too high, which causes more fat storage and in the worst case can even lead to liver and kidney damage.

A good weight loss shake mainly contains a lot of fiber. Fiber gives you a satiated feeling, making you less hungry to eat, and it stimulates fat burning. Also, a good weight loss shake contains proportionally more protein than fats and carbohydrates (sugars). By continuing to eat a proper percentage of protein, you prevent a lot of muscle loss while losing weight. This correct ratio can vary from person to person and depends on several factors. In general, the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) can always be used for this purpose. A good weight loss shake is actually a complete meal replacement with few calories, similar to a light and healthy meal.


Disadvantages and dangers of special “diet shakes

Often people who want to lose weight decisively start with a special diet where the entire diet is overhauled. They then take diet products exclusively for weeks or even months, sometimes supplementing with diet pills or starving themselves by hardly eating at all. This way of losing weight gives very fast results but is also very unhealthy for the body. The result is also not permanent, in fact, if you start eating normally again afterwards you will often gain fat even faster than before you started the diet. This is the well-known yo-yo effect or fluctuating weight. Because you lose fat in an unhealthy way, your body will store this fat faster as a reserve as soon as you start eating enough calories to maintain your weight. These unhealthy diet products are easy to buy at the supermarket or drugstore these days. They are cheap and of poor quality with often a high percentage of sugars and/or unhealthy sugar substitutes in them. You can also usually recognize these diet shakes by an overly sweet taste. Using these unhealthy shakes can cause serious damage to your body. You will soon be struggling with deficiencies and surpluses, which will only take you further from your goal of losing weight in a healthy way. 


Losing weight with Jake

A Jake shake is not part of a diet but a complete meal. The shakes are made from high-fiber oats and contain everything you need in terms of vitamins and minerals. If you want to lose weight with a Jake shake, you only need to watch your caloric intake and not the composition of what you take in. Thereby, a Jake shake gives you the benefits of vegan food without the risk of vitamin deficiencies. So with Jake you can lose weight in a healthy and responsible way


In conclusion

Shakes are a good solution for people who find it difficult to lose weight and like to do so in a practical way. It serves as support and will lead to good results only if it is combined with a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise. If you choose shakes as a method to lose weight, choose a complete meal replacement shake. 



Mooren, V. (2023). Losing weight with a calorie deficit: this is how it works. Victor Mooren.

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