Losing weight with meal replacement shakes

Losing weight isn’t easy and maybe you thought of slimming with a meal replacement shake. This is not a bad idea if the diet shake still contains all the right nutrients you need. Your body still needs the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep you up your feet. A deficiency is something that you definitely want to prevent.

For example, it is important to eat enough protein. Protein fills you up and helps you to maintain or grow your muscles. The recommended minimum amount of protein per meal replacement shake is 20g, the Jake Light Shake contains 40g of the best protein powder for weight loss per meal. The Jake Light Shake is not specifically designed as a weight-loss shake, but it can definitely help you lose those extra pounds!

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How does a meal replacement shake help you lose weight?

Diet shakes or healthy meal replacement shakes can be very helpful during your diet. It’s easier to keep track of the calories you’re consuming. You know that feeling when you have something delicious for dinner? You’re getting yourself a second plate and suddenly you ate twice the meal that you were supposed to eat. This all adds extra calories to your day, probably without you even noticing it. With a shake you use for your diet, it keeps you from doing that. Because one vegan meal replacement drink is exactly enough for one meal. 

Another thing that makes a meal replacement shake more convenient than other alternatives, is that it’s easy and convenient. There’s no need to spend your whole Sunday afternoon buying tons of groceries and prepping food for the rest of your week. You can put that time to better use, like exercise, but more on that later.

4 Top tips for losing weight in combination with meal replacement shakes

It doesn’t matter how bad we want it, just eating diet shakes, won’t do the trick. You have to change your lifestyle a bit. The four tips below will certainly help you out!

1. Exercising for weight loss

You might love it or hate it, it’s part of the weight loss process. Pick up some exercise routines. For example, lift yourself up from the couch and go for a run, do a work-out either at home or at the gym or go for a long walk if you want to start slowly. Exercising will help boost your metabolism and your mental state of mind, and of course burn calories.

2. Healthy snacks

We all love some good snacks, when working from home, that pantry full of delicious bad snacks is staring at you. Instead of reaching for that bag of crisps you already opened yesterday, try going for a healthy snack. Of course you can eat an apple, but that can get a bit boring. Try some of the following vegan snacks instead:

  • A handful of mixed nuts – Nuts provide a good balance of healthy fats, protein and fibres.
  • (red) Bell pepper – Bell peppers are not only delicious in the meals you have for dinner but when they are raw they are also a great snack. They have a lovely flavour and provide you with a lot of vitamin C.
  • A glass of water – A lot of times when you think you’re hungry, you’re just thirsty and you need to hydrate. 
  • Rice cracker with avocado – The rice cracker is low in calories and the avocado provides you with fibres, potassium and magnesium.
  • Leftovers – If you prepared a healthy meal the night before and still have some left, eat that as a snack.
  • Jake Vitaminbar – It’s a filling snack and provides you with all the vitamins & minerals you need.

3. Keep a food diary

Don’t count the calories every time you eat something, this way you can get obsessed with the calories and that’s not healthy. Instead, keep a food diary. Every time you have a meal, a snack or something to drink, write it down. This gives a clear picture of what you actually eat on a day. 

Afterwards, there is always the possibility of counting the calories. But the main goal of the food diary is to retrieve insights in all the good and bad habits you have regarding consuming food. Once you’ve done this for a week or two, it’s easier to get rid of the bad foods/habits and replace them with a healthier option

4. Drink more water

You can mistake the feeling of being thirsty for the feeling of being hungry. It’s already said before when you feel ‘snackish’ it’s important to drink a glass of water first. Otherwise, you consume unnecessary calories and still won’t feel satisfied. 

Also, replace those sodas you drink from time to time for a glass of water. It quenches your thirst and if you drink a big glass of water before dinner, it fills up your stomach. Which means that there’s less room for food. This makes it easier to eat less and your belly is still filled. 

What if you find the taste of water just plain boring? Add some lime, pick up some mint leaves and add that to your glass to create some flavour. Or make a cup of tea. Try adding some leaves of mint and/or slices of ginger to your glass of hot water and you’re good to go.

Why choose the Jake Light Shake as a meal replacement shake?

One meal of Jake Light packs around 500kcal (depending on the flavour) and keeps you full for about 3-4 hours. This way it’ll keep you from snacking on everything that’s in your pantry, so you avoid eating unnecessary calories. Do you need more than 500kcal per meal? No worries, take a look at our Original shake! It has around 660kcal per shake.

A lot of meal replacements shakes taste too sweet which makes it unpleasant to drink. The flavours in the Jake shakes are more subtle and with all the flavours, it never gets boring. With flavours like Chocolate, Forest Fruit and Banana, it’s almost like you’re on a milkshake diet. And who doesn’t like milkshakes? Just add some ice cold water or even a few ice cubes and your delicious, healthy and vegan meal replacement drink is ready. 

Of course, the tips & tricks mentioned above are just tips & tricks. Use them if they fit into your shake diet, whenever it suits you. 

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