We love food that’s easy, healthy and sustainable. Every meal replacement shake we make meets these three requirements. And yet, when it comes to ‘easy’, we know all too well that it means different things in different situations. Sometimes even pouring water into a shaker can be too much work. That’s where the Vitaminbar comes in.

The Vitaminbar is a 330-calorie snack that is ready to eat and easy to bring with you wherever you go. You can use it as a light breakfast, a 4pm snack or just anytime you get the munchies.

What’s inside?

Let’s start with what’s not inside. The Vitaminbar is completely soy-free, nuts-free, lactose-free and animal-free. As for the rest, it’s packed with nutrients.


Each Vitaminbar contains 19-20g protein and has a complete amino acid profile. It’s all about the right combination of protein sources. The protein in the Vitaminbar comes from peas, oats and rice. Pea protein lacks the sulphur-containing amino acids cysteine and methionine, whereas oats and rice protein provide a surplus of them. Together, they make for a complete amino acid profile.

At 12-14g sugar per bar, the Vitaminbar packs less sugar than a banana and twice the amount of dietary fibre, at about6g). Fibre is important for the normal functioning of your digestive system and it helps lower your blood pressure.

There’s fat in there, too. The good kind. The Vitaminbar is a good source of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. At the same time, we’ve kept saturated fat to a minimum, at 1.6-2.2g per bar.

Vitamins and minerals

With each bar you’re getting at least 25% of the recommended daily amounts of every vitamin and mineral. For particular vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D, phosphorus and iron, you’re even getting more than that. Here’s why.

Vitamin D and iron deficiencies are among the most prevalent micronutrient deficiencies worldwide. By increasing the amounts you get with each Vitaminbar, we’re minimising the risk that you don’t get enough of them.

At the same time, we always consider the absorption rate of different nutrients. Just like the rest of our ingredients, the iron we use in the Vitaminbars comes from plant sources. Its absorption rate is about 10%, which is rather low compared to the 25% absorption rate of iron from animal sources. To compensate for this difference without involving animals in the process, we’ve boosted the amount of iron per bar.

Vitaminbar flavours

The Vitaminbar is available in two flavours, Forest Fruit and Coffee Cacao:

Forest Fruit is a tight mess full of nutrients, whole grain oats and fruity bits. It tends to make a good first impression with its fruity scent and a flavour that’s just the right level of sweet.

Coffee Cacao is a chunky bar with a mild cacao flavour and an extra kick: it contains the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. You can trust Coffee Cacao to wake you up and get you going.

Want to take a closer look at the Vitaminbars’ nutritional info? All details are here. For the closest look possible, order a box of Vitaminbars here.

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